The 2018 season was a whirlwind. Finally getting a chance to update everyone on the various system upgrades we made throughout the season. First up we installed a new larger press into the trailer. The KEB750 belt press from Kreuzmayr really increased our per hour processing capability. We went from running 2-3 bins of apples (800lbs per bin) to processing upwards of 8 bins per hour. Our record was 62 bins in one day. Hopefully we break that record in the upcoming 2019 season.

The second big upgrade we made was a new pasteurizer. The new pasteurizer also from Kreuzmayr increase our throughput to 1000 gals per hour when running in flash mode. This is when we’re making thermal treatments for finished cider, cold filling fresh juice, treating a sick beer, or improving stability of kegged products. We can also now hot fill 200 gals per hour which pairs well with our filling equipment. The hot fill mode is when we’re packaging shelf stable juices. To accommodate the new pieces of equipment we upgraded various support pieces to debottleneck the process. New larger grinder, mash pump, and juice pumps to support the larger press.

Looking forward to putting this equipment to use in 2019. We’re here to support your operation as a contract service. Hire our equipment for the short amount of time you need it instead of investing precious capital into equipment that will sit ideal for most of the year. Let us take care of the maintenance and upkeep while you concentrate on what makes your business unique. Give us a call to schedule your 2019 pressing dates.